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For foreign learners of English; once you have acquired a good knowledge of the grammar at intermediate level, you should be speaking quiet well and manage the language with ease.

There are three aspects in English you need to master well, having a good grasp of them allows you to conquer the language.

Reading : It is important to practice reading English well. When you read well, you are bound to speak well. Read texts and written pieces in English like reports, news paper articles, promotional literature etc. Read aloud, listen to yourself and learn to correct your pronunciation and word stress to appear natural as English speakers do. Practise this intensively with interest. You will need the help of the teacher.

Moreover, this practice helps you to acquire a wide range of vocabulary and common expressions on the register. You learn the correct pronunciations with the right word stress. A good grasp of these aspects builds up your confidence to speak the language.

Learn vocabulary in phrases, in a context, and learn that phrase to use it in the same sense it may fit in another context.

These are important aspects of English you should learn. Having a good grasp of them allows you to improve your English.

 Never try to learn a word without its word collocation, you may find it difficult to use the single word correctly in a context.

 Practise this aspect intensively with interest. And hence you feel well with it, you build confidence in yourself and English becomes part of you. al English

LISTENING:  listening is another aspect to practise intensively. Listen to talks, conversations on different themes etc.  Learn listening skill with the teacher, listen for context and do not expect to catch every single word in listening practice, the teacher can help you with this. Listen to conversations of informal English for socializing purpose.

SPEAKING: The purpose of learning a language is to speak it with confidence. You must always make effort to put into use the little English you have learnt with confidence.

Do repetition exercises of common phrases and words you find difficult to pronounce with the teacher or from recordings, you can also learn correct pronunciations from Google translator.

When all these aspects are practised thoroughly, English becomes your second language and can speak with confidence.




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