Expresiones graciosas en alemán, Parte 1 (Artículo en inglés y español)

German is boring? Think again! German is funny and crazy.

Let’s look at 5 German expressions that are funny:

1. Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof

English: I only understand station

Español: Sólo entiendo estación


I can’t understand anything

No entiendo ni una palabra


Imagine that you are in a foreign country (maybe in Germany?) and you ask for information on how to get to the station (Bahnhof). The only word you know in German is station (Bahnhof). The German person starts talking very fast and you, of course, have no idea what they are saying. In the end, you still don’t know how to get to the station because the only word you could understand was the only word you knew, Bahnhof.

2. Das kannst du deiner Oma erzählen

English: You can say this to your granny

Español: Esto lo puedes contar a tu abuela


I don’t believe a single word you are saying

No te creo para nada


What you are telling me is so ridiculous that nobody will believe it except your dear old grandmother who loves you so much that she will believe anything you say.

3. Du hast nicht alle Tassen im Schrank

English: You don’t have all the cups in the cupboard

Español: No tienes todas las tazas en el armario de la cocina


You are a bit crazy, short of a penny

Estás loco


A normal cupboard should have all the cups (how German!) or else it’s a crazy cupboard. I mean, a cupboard that is only half full is unthinkable for a German. We want precision!

4. Das ist mir Wurst

English: It’s all sausage to me

Español: Todo esto es salsicha para mí


I really don’t care

Me da igual


Sausage (Wurst) is the basis of German life, so it’s everywhere, so much so that we don’t care whether we get sausage or not. It will always be there for us anyway. Welcome to Germany!

5. Du hast Tomaten auf den Augen

English: You have tomatoes on your eyes

Español: Tienes tomates encima de los ojos


You can’t see the obvious truth

No puedes ver lo evidente


How can you see if your eyes are covered? But covered with tomatoes? Now, that’s a strange thing to say. But then, German is a strange language.

So, you see, German is not boring. German is funny!

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